Buying A Used Car Can Be Very Confusing

Buying a used car can be full of pitfalls to watch out for. A cars history is often difficult to uncover, finding out if a vehicle has a full service history can be a complete nightmare. Then there is the subject of accidents; how would you really know if the car you are looking at has been in one? There is more to consider too, such as whether the vehicle is mechanically sound. You can get some absolute steals when buying a used car but you really do have to be clued up or you may end up buying something which will break down within a week of purchase.

When buying a used car the first thing you should look at is the price to make sure that it is reasonable. Asking prices do fluctuate quite a lot, so it may be worth picking up a hand book like Glass’s guide for car valuations to give you an idea of what various models of different years are worth. You will find that quite often a seller will let a car go for much less then a guide valuation states the car is worth. This could be down to several factors including mileage and general condition. If a car is a little rough around the edges but mechanically sound, you have a possible bargain in the making.

Always be cautious of vehicles which have had a lot of body modifications done to them. They might look quite stylish but you can be sure that they will have been driven hard many times and their overall condition is likely to be bad as a result. Often, the engine of a modified car has had a lot of use, some of it pushing it to the limits of what it is capable of. This makes modified cars best to avoid, go for something that looks like it has had years of family use as families tend to take better care of their cars.

It is advisable to take a mechanic with you when buying a used car so they can assess the condition of the car for you. The cost might be a little steep, but at the least, you won’t be driving away in a car which shouldn’t have been bought by anyone.