Popular Tyre Inflator Brands

One of the 12V devices we mentioned previously was the very useful tyre pump. Wherever you are, whatever the time, these handy machines let you pump up your tyres. Admittedly they’re quite noisy, so ideally using them at three o’clock in the morning on a housing estate isn’t ideal, but they can and will save the day when you really need them to.

Let’s have a quick run down of some popular brands that make car pumps.


Whenever there’s a news report on TV relating to motor vehicles, insurance, roads or anything else driving related, the news crews will wheel out someone from the RAC or the AA. It makes sense then to start with the AA as they’re synonymous with road safety. Regularly checking your tyre pressures is something they advocate, so it stands to reason that they’d put their name to an inflation device or two. It’s highly unlikely that they manufacture them in house, but hopefully the fact that they allow their name to be associated with the range is a signal of quality.

If you’re a brand oriented individual, that’s a reason to opt for the AA, but they’re not the most recommended brand you’ll find on the web.


Most people associate Michelin with tyres, as they’re known as a premium brand that make reliable replacement tyres. A lot of people believe you get a huge number more miles with Michelin’s compared to cheaper options, and we’ll not pass judgement on that, however it’s rare that I’d stump up the cost for premium tyres as experience tells me that driving over something like a nail will puncture even the most expensive tyre.

Again, this is a big name brand which will appeal to many people, but isn’t the choice of the industry.


Here’s where the heavyweights and experts are putting their money – the Ring brand. I’d not heard of them until a couple of years ago, but recently they’ve been getting the seal of approval from well known journalists and specialist websites alike.

Well priced, feature rich and building a good reputation for reliability and longevity seem to be helping Ring to corner the electronic tyre pump market, at a time when the tide is shifting towards owning a pump yourself rather than using the one at the petrol station.